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Tenemos dos meses para evitar que le den el premio Nobel al "doctor" Montagnier

Adjunto aquí el mail que mandó el otro día Lluís Botines, presidente de la asociación Plural 21, explicando que aún estamos a tiempo (ojalá) de evitar que le den el premio Nobel a Montagnier...debemos mandar mails al jurado del premio Nobel para parar ésto.

"Dear friend:

As you probably already know, this years Nobel Prize in Medicine has been given to Dr. Luc Montaigner and his colleague Dr. Françoise Barré-Sinoussi "for their discovery of human immunodeficiency virus" (http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/medicine/laureates/2008/press.html ).

This morning I posted in Dr. Bauer’s blog the following proposal:

“We have two months (exactly 64 days from today) to avoid that the 10 th. December Dr. Montagnier really receives the award. We may send, from different countries in different languages, lot of e-mails, letters, CD, DVD, books,…, to Professor Jan Andersson, with copy to (all the members of) The Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet, to the staff of Karolinska Institutet, to The Nobel Foundation, to Swedish important newspapers (specially Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet), to Swedish government,… Invite everybody to do the same. International Operation “No Nobel Prize to Dr. Montagnier: avoid to recognize later a tragic lobotomy mistake today”… or something better than this (my English is not the best).

This is a good opportunity...”

I attach to this email the Press Release and the Advanced Information by The Nobel Foundation.

I’m going to write as President of Plural-21 and to invite all our members and contacts to do the same. And also as independent researcher who is writing a critical book and a PhD Doctoral Thesis on AIDS.

Keep in touch!

Lluís Botinas

Copio aquí los mails del jurado para el premio Nobel...tenemos que informarles de la verdad...

Prize-awarder - Physiology or Medicine

E-mail: secr@mednobel.ki.se Website: http://nobelprize.org
Chairman 2008
OLSON, LARS, MD, Professor of Neurobiology, b. 1942
E-mail: Lars.Olson@ki.se
Deputy Chairman 2008
LINDAHL, STEN G.E., MD, Professor Anesthesiology & Intensive Care b. 1945
E-mail: Sten.Lindahl@karolinska.se
Secretary of the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet
JÖRNVALL, HANS, Ph.D, MD, Professor Physiological Chemistry, b. 1942
E-mail: Hans.Jornvall@ki.se

E-mail: secr@mednobel.ki.se
FREDHOLM, BERTIL, MD, Professor of Pharmacology, b. 1943;
Chairman of the Committee 2008
E-mail: bertil.fredholm@ki.se
KÄRRE, KLAS, MD, Professor of Molecular Immunology, b. 1954
Deputy Chairman of the Committee 2008
E-mail: klas.karre@ki.se
ANDERSSON, JAN, Professor of Infectious Diseases, b. 1951
E-mail: jan.andersson@ki.se
LENDAHL, URBAN, Professor of Genetics, b. 1957
E-mail: urban.lendahl@ki.se
IBÁÑEZ, CARLOS, Professor of Molecular Neurobiology, b. 1960
E-mail: carlos.ibanez@ki.se

Secretary of the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine at KI
JÖRNVALL, HANS, Ph.D, MD, Professor Physiological Chemistry, b. 1942
E-mail: Hans.Jornvall@ki.se

Office staff
SJÖVALL, AGNETA, Mrs., Administrator, b. 1943
E-mail: agneta.sjovall@mednobel.ki.se
JÖRNVALL, ANN-MARGRETH, Mrs., Administrator, b. 1949
E-mail: Ann-Margreth.Jornvall@mednobel.ki.se

ANGELIN, BO, MD, Professor Clinical Metabolic Research, b. 1949
E-mail: Bo.Angelin@ki.se

VENNSTRÖM, BJÖRN, Ph.D, Professor Cell &Molecular Biology b. 1948
E-mail: Bjorn.Vennstrom@ki.se

GRILLNER, STEN, MD, Professor of Physiology, b. 1941
E-mail: Sten.Grillner@ki.se

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